ArcGIS Intersections

Dim pTopo As ITopologicalOperator
Set pTopo = pF1.Shape ‘ store the line 1 shape in the topo op
If Not pTopo.IsSimple Then pTopo.Simplify
Dim pGeom As IGeometry
Set pGeom = pTopo.Intersect(pF2.Shape, esriGeometry0Dimension) ‘ get intersection with line 2
If pGeom.IsEmpty Then
MsgBox “The intersection of the 2 geometries is empty or consists of points”
Exit Sub
Dim ppcl As IPointCollection
Set ppcl = pGeom
MsgBox ppcl.Point(0).X & “, ” & ppcl.Point(0).Y
End If

esriGeometry0Dimension are points (IPointCollection)
esriGeometry1Dimension are lines (IPolyline)
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