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Arcgis 10 tin

Good day folks,

Yes, the version 10 TIN is different from the pre-10 counterpart. The key changes in the current adoptation of the TIN are:

– Transition to storing spatial reference information using ArcGIS Projection Engine. Pre-10 TIN used the ArcInfo Workstation spatial reference format, which did not support a number of projections.

– Support for Delaunay constrained triangulation.

– Support for tagging edges.

The changes required to implement these modifications meant that the version 10 TIN could not achieve backward compatibility. However, you can convert your version 10 TIN to a pre-10 TIN through the Copy TIN tool, or by specifying it in Environment Settings > Default TIN Storage Version (see screenshots). Once the Environment Setting has been defined, any geoprocessing tool that outputs a TIN would default to the specified version.